Contravaris. Vein relief, step by step.

Contravaris is made from Ruscus Aculeatus, an European native bush which active ingredient -Ruscogenins- aids in the prevention of symptoms associated with CVI. Its potent vasoconstrictive and anti-inflammatory effects that greatly reduce the feelings of weight and tiredness, helps improve blood circulation.

Contravaris is a natural and effective solution that will help you prevent or relieve those pesky Tired Legs symptoms.

Chronic Venous insufficiency (CVI)

Commonly known as tired legs, is a condition that affects mainly women (between 40% to 60%), and it’s related to a malfunction of the vascular system.

Blood is pumped by the heart and circulates through the veins in our body, flowing in only one direction and goes back to the heart. What stops our blood from flowing in the opposite direction are the venous valves that are in the veins.

When the venous walls malfunction -specially on the legs- the veins begin to swell and fill up with blood, causing the weakening of the venous walls which result in the annoying symptoms of the Tired Legs Syndrome such as swelling, pain, cramps, tingling, heaviness in the legs, “spiderlike” veins and varicose veins.

Some of the main risk factors are:

  • Hereditary factors
  • Being female
  • Hot & humid places
  • Using high heels
  • Sitting or standing for long periods of time
  • Pregnancy
  • Chronic Constipation
  • Being overweight
  • Age

Some advice that will help prevent or relieve the symptoms associated with the Tired Legs Syndrome:

1- Increase the intake of fiber and water, maintaining a healthy diet:

Increasing your fiber and water intake will help prevent constipation. Constipation puts the vascular system under a lot of pressure, increasing the chance for the venous valves to deteriorate and malfunction. A healthy diet helps prevent or slow the weakening of vein valves.

2- Massage your legs:

Massaging your legs daily is very beneficial. You can do it while taking a shower with a horsehair glove, from the ankles to the hips, so you can stimulate blood circulation.

3- Daily walks:

Try to walk at least 30 minutes every day. Other physical activities that help specifically to tone up your leg muscles are biking, running, and swimming. All of these can help you keep your legs healthy.

4- The Cold Effect:

Whenever you apply hydrating cream, be sure to cool it beforehand. This will help stimulate blood flow, reducing liquid retention and easing up the swelling and tingling.


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