Feeling pain when using high heels? When you get home after work, have you felt that your legs are heavier? That you only want to take off your shoes or that you feel your legs are swollen? Do you get cramps or feel that your legs are itchy? Have you noticed that there are some veins more visible than others or do you see little spidery veins on your legs?

If you have suffered from any of these symptoms, you may be showing early signs of Superficial Venous Insuffiency (SVI), Deep Venous Insuffiency (DVI) or Peropherial Arterial Disease (PAD). These diseases cause the weakening of our vasculatory system, debilitating the outer walls of our veins or arteries and cause some, any or all the symptoms mentioned previously.

If you are at the early stages, you can alleviate the discomfort and try to prevent the worsening of these conditions!

The first thing that you must do is change your habits. Try increasing your fiber intake and drinking more water. Also reduce sugars and fats in your diet and if you can, try to walk or do some exercise daily. Use comfortable clothes, avoid crossing your legs while sitting and try sleeping with your legs elevated. All these tips will help you reduce the discomfort you feel.

Now we will show you a couple of simple exercises that may help you relieve symptoms of tired legs.

Exercises that will help relief tired legs discomfort

1- While lying down, do “air bicycle” movements (15-20 times)

2 – Criss cross your legs like a scissor (15-20 times)

3 – Walking on your ankles.

4 – While standing, stand on the tip of your feet for 30 seconds and repeat 10-15 times.

5- While lying on your back, keep your legs extended and flex and extend your toes (20 times)

6 – While lying on your back, keep your legs extended and flex and extend your toes (20 times)

7 – Rock yourself on your feet, from your toes to your heels (20 times)

8 – While standing, move your feet side to side in opposite directions (10 repetitions)  

9 – While lying on your bed, lift your legs at a 90° angle, open and close your legs (10 repetitions)

10 – While lying on a flat surface, lift your legs at a 90° angle.

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Contravaris is a natural and effective solution to help relieve and prevent those pesky symptoms described previously.

Contravaris relief step by step.