First Step

Make the skin of your legs look young and healthy. To achieve this, you will need to use a body scrub all over your wet legs, massaging your legs with ascending movements starting from your toes. Remember to scrub with a little more intensity in the rougher zones like the knees.

Massaging your legs this way not only helps to get rid of all the accumulated dead cells, but it also enhances the absorption and effects of creams and oils that you use.

Remember to use lukewarm water when massaging your legs.

Second Step

Hydrate your legs!

Pay special care to hydrate your legs during winter, since it can become dry easily, especially during the cold season.

Using hydrating creams daily will help keep our legs smooth and our skin more flexible.

Creams and oils will be your greatest allies to repair, rejuvenate and/or illuminate your skin.

Third Step

A traditional option to make your legs look good is hair removal, be it waxing, laser, etc.

There are many other ways if you want to manage your leg hair that you can look up if you so choose.

Fourth Step

Try avoiding overly hot places because it may dilate your veins and they may start to show.

To help you with that sense of weight you may feel on your legs, try spraying cold water sporadically and then massage your legs in a circular move ascending from your toes. You may also use cold gels or menthol-infused oils/creams to have some relief.

Eating habits play an important role in your legs and skin health. If you feel that your legs are heavy, try avoiding foods that are high in sodium (salt) since that promotes fluid retention and of course complement this with Contravaris so you can delay spider veins and relax your tired legs.

Fifth Step

All natural skin tones are beautiful, but in the case of lighter-skin tones, spider veins are more noticeable. In that case, you can dissimulate them by using tanning products and give color and definition to your legs.

Sixth Step


Exercising helps to tone and tighten our legs. You don’t need to go to a gym to achieve this: walking, going up the stairs, riding a bike or swimming are examples of activities that will help you keep your whole body healthy and in shape, and some of them can be done all year long!


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